Since 1923, Harland Clarke has been known for providing financial institutions with the highest quality checks. We have the experience and the name you can trust for security, flexibility, MICR integrity, and image-building. Depend on SMART DOCUMENT SERIES instruments from Harland Clarke to keep your security in check.

Hologram Smart Documents
Check fraud is more than a security issue – it can also affect your institution’s profitability and corporate image. Harland Clarke’s hologram security documents include eight tamper-evident features that discourage criminal activity and ensure your employees catch counterfeit documents before it’s too late. Best of all, SMART DOCUMENT SERIES instruments feature attractive styling to appeal to your customers.

Traditional Smart Documents
Harland Clarke’s Official Documents offer an economical security alternative. Official Documents contain multiple security features to help your employees detect counterfeiting. Plus, our formats, styles and colors offer your institution maximum flexibility.

By changing the check label, you can use the same format for all your needs. All Harland Clarke official checks feature guaranteed quality MICR encoding and consecutive numbering.

Expense Checks
Harland Clarke’s Expense Checks incorporate every essential detail. Carbon sets provide you with internal documents or file copies.